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KLUTCH LEGACY is the preferred broker for connecting music, culture, and technology to the lifestyles of people in a meaningful and impactful manner. Championing this relationship between emerging technology and pop culture, we are able to define the ever-evolving entertainment industry, create opportunities for our clients, and lead as lifestyle connoisseurs. 

Our Services

Our Services


World renowned, KLUTCH LEGACY is a dynamic tool used to connect to those directly shaping the culture at large. Recognized for our custom tracking system, we use analytics to ignite organic growth for your record or product.


KLUTCH LEGACY works with clients to conceptualize and to target local format airplay for regional and national programs that offer a variety of services ensuring immediate buzz. To create an effective plan,


Focused on creating awareness and increasing your reach KL Entertainment creates a buzz for a record, artist, or product by saturating various online tools


KLUTCH LEGACY crafts compelling stories, carefully developing a tangible message that engages readers while generating a deeper interest

Ready to find out more?

KLUTCH LEGACY is an agency that converts years of experience at the forefront of cultural creativity into a dynamic hub of information and resources. The platforms and services we provide connect our clients to their consumers in a way that is unique to the KLUTCH LEGACY experience. Come grow with KLUTCH LEGACY!

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